Multiplying impact

Our Key Patnerships

MML was founded to bring about lasting social and environmental change through a successful commercial enterprise.  MML's operations will lift 325,000 rural Malawians out of extreme poverty within 5 years, but it is only through partnerships that truly transformational impact can be achieved.   To do this MML is seeking to partner with impactful organisations from across the NGO-donor-private sector spectrum with a drive to address the UN's SDGs.  By doing do MML aims to breakdown the glass divides that often prevent such partnerships being established and provide a best practice partnership template for other organisations to follow.


MML’s network of trusted partners is growing and thus far includes local, regional and international organisations:

Get Involved

MML is constantly seeking amplify commercial success and social and environmental impact through building symbiotic partnerships.  If your organisation shares MML's belief that together we can acheive more then we would be happy to discuss a potetnial partnership with you.